Merkabah Pendant for Necklace


Merkabah Pendant for Necklace


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The Merkabah pendant is believed to carry the energy of Spiritual transformation. The Merkaba Star is seen as a vehicle for Ascension. Early Jewish mysticism cites the Merkabah as the chariot that carried Elijah up to heaven.

Merkabah mysticism (or Chariot mysticism) is a school of early Jewish mysticism that was practiced during the periods of 100 BC – 1000 CE. It centered on the mystical  visions found in the Book of Ezekiel Chapter 1. Of particular importance was the hekhalot “palaces” literature that  concerned stories of ascents to the heavenly palaces and the Throne of God.

For a break down of its meaning, ‘Mer’ means a light that rotates within itself, ‘Ka’ means spirit, and ‘Ba’ means the physical body. The Book of Ezekiel focuses on an exiled and shackled prophet who sees a manifestation from “the heavens,” an astonishing tableau ringed with fire, of four winged creatures “like burning coals of fire,” faces, surrounding a heavenly chariot. In works heavily influenced by the Book of Ezekiel, the Creator God was described in anthropomorphic terms as a human-like creature of such gigantic dimensions that it occupied the entire cosmos.

This pendant is made from semi-precious stone and can also be used for drowsing, as a charm or attached to a chain, or cord for a necklace. Please see the descriptions below..

Natural Stone 1: Amethyst & Blue Sand & Brown Sand & Lapis Lazuli & Red Jasper
Natural Stone 2: White Crystal & Rose Quartz & Tiger Eye & Black Onyx & Picture Jasper
Other Stone: Blue Turquoise & White Turquoise & Opal
Functions: Dowsing , Amulet , Reiki , Healing , Lucky
Natural Stone 3: Sodalite & Watermelon Crystal
Pendant Feature: Natural Stone Beads + Reiki Healing Drowsing Charm + Merkabah Pendents

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