Chinese Feng Shui Coin Set For Wealth & Success


Chinese Feng Shui Coin Set For Wealth & Success


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Manifest anything from a few extra dollars to a new business opportunity.

The most common use of coins in Feng Shui is for attracting money. But, these coins are also known to bring good luck and protection, which you can also gain with wealth! Energies work together with these coins to ultimately bring you stability. When you first receive these coins, it is a good idea to cleanse them of any previous energy using whichever method you prefer. Many people hang the coins by their altar, keep them in an important drawer, or keep them tucked in their wallets & purses. In Feng Shui, it is popular to hang or place the coins in the Money Area of your home or office. 

These coins are considered one of the Eight Treasures. They are round with a square hole in the middle which reflects the Chinese view of the earth as square and the heavens as a circle.



  • 2 sets of 3 coins; 6 coins total
  • Size: 1 inch
  • Material: Copper



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